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Continuous Integration Plan

Overall set of plans and todos for CI and Testing.

Overall plan

  • Jenkins job to integrate smoke testing
    • job that uses openstack_vpc for now
    • possibly replace that with something that uses the jclouds plugin
  • Jenkins job to integrate/fire bare metal testing
    • things to test:
      • rPath image builder fed to cobbler to machines
      • cobbler to bare ubuntu bootstrap with chef and packages
      • hyperV hosts
      • ensemble/orchestra from canonical
  • Not fully covered above is that we need to test that both the chef recipes
   and the puppet modules are usable and work right
  • Jenkins Tarmac Replacement
  • Adding a not coverage decrease rule to the branch gates (per NTT
  • Jenkins JClouds Plugin

Things that already exist

  • rPath has image builder and their own Jenkins, need to get a copy set up
   for us
  • SmokeStack/openstack_vpc does smoketesting, but not in a way that
   integrates with the jenkins/tarmac workflowo