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Automation of OpenStack CLI Documentation


This blueprint describes a plan to automate the reference documentation for the OpenStack command-line interfaces (CLI), such as nova, neutron, keystone, swift, and other CLIs. Currently, this documentation resides here and is produced manually by cutting and pasting from the command help output.

Instead, this same documentation will be "scraped" from the source python code by using a tool such as the sphinxcontrib-programoutput plug-in (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/46325/).

The automated documentation would appear in the following books (and possibly in other books):

Document Command Ref
OpenStack End User Guide http://docs.openstack.org/user-guide/content/nova_summary.html
OpenStack Admin User Guide http://docs.openstack.org/user-guide-admin/content/nova_summary.html

Content is shared between the two user guides.

Blueprint - Automation of OpenStack CLI documentation

Audience: End users of OpenStack clouds who perform tasks through the OpenStack command-line clients. Also, developers who create applications on top of OpenStack by using the OpenStack APIs.

Product info: Icehouse, 2014.1


  • Automate CLI reference documentation by using a plug-in to "scrape" this information from code.
  • Include both the output from nova help (and other clients), and the output for each command, such as nova help boot.

Source repositories:


  • What event/s would trigger a regeneration of the docs?
  • Where would the code reside that auto-generates the CLI docs? In openstack-infra? in openstack/openstack-manuals?