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Organization of Chef Cookbooks

For Chef development we are using Berkshelf to manage our cookbooks. Since we are using Berkshelf our cookbooks are located in separate individual repositories, located here: cloudkeep-ops.

There are four main cookbooks to deploy the Barbican application:

  • Chef Barbican - Includes recipes for deploying Barbican Worker and API nodes
  • Barbican Postgres - Wrapper cookbook for configuring Postgresql in a Barbican cluster
  • Barbican RabbitMQ - Wrapper cookbook for configuring RabbitMQ in a Barbican cluster

The cookbooks have been designed that they can be deployed with or without a Chef server.

Instructions for deploying individual cookbooks can be found on each of the respective Read Me docs.

Search Discovery

Each cookbook implements a search discovery pattern for Chef server search.

The search discovery is a pattern can be detailed as:

  • The use of search discovery is optional
  • Allows the user to override the search query used via a node attribute
  • Allow the user to specify what node attribute contains the IPv4 address of discovered nodes
  • Chef searches are contained inside an individual recipe named search_discovery.rb
  • The results of the search discovery recipe are stored in node attributes