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Barbican Liberty Series

Liberty Milestone 1

The Liberty Milestone 1 release (Version is mostly a maintenance release with 20 bugfixes, and 2 Blueprints. For detailed information on the bugfixes, see the launchpad milestone page:


New Features

  • This release includes an API change to the root resource. The new response is modeled after the response in Keystone, and makes the Barbican root "/" consistent with other OpenStack projects.

Deployment Impact

  • This release makes changes to the Model layer, which has the potential to disrupt multi-node deployments. The Alembic migration has been separated to be able to do a zero-downtime update from the previous version. Migrations should be applied in this order:
  1. Apply migrations up to and including 161f8aceb687_fill_project_id_to_secrets_where_missing.py
  2. At this point, new nodes can be put into rotation while old nodes are phased out
  3. Apply 1bece815014f_remove_projectsecret_table.py