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The barbican-core team is responsible for reviewing all the changes proposed to the following repositories:

  • openstack/barbican
    • The Incubated OpenStack Key Management service.
  • openstack/python-barbicanclient
    • A Python library and command line client for the Barbican API.
  • openstack/castellan
    • A Python interface for generic key storage.
  • stackforge/kite
    • A service for managing and distributing message encryption keys.
  • stackforge/python-kiteclient
    • A Python client library for the Kite API.

Note that everyone is encouraged to review changes to these projects, even if you're not a member of this team. All reviews are useful and taken into account by the core team. In fact, reviewing changes is an important part of becoming a member of the core team.

Adding or Removing Members

To be considered for membership in the barbican-core team, a developer must:

  • be actively involved in the Barbican project for a period greater than 90 days
  • have submitted code that was accepted into trunk for Barbican
  • have a pattern of useful code reviews

A new member may be nominated on the openstack-dev mailing list at any time by the PTL or existing members of the core team. Once a nomination has been made, five current members of the core team must respond with a +1. If there are any objections to the nomination, a core member may veto the nomination by responding with a -1. Developers whose nomination is vetoed may be nominated again after a 30 day period.

A member of the team may be removed at any time by the PTL. This is usually done after a significant decrease in the core member's involvement in the project.