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  • Launchpad Entry: NovaSpec:floating-ip-auto-assignment
  • Created: Ilya Alekseyev
  • Contributors: Ilya Alekseyev


Auto-assigning a floating IP address to an instance when that instance is starting.

Release Note

Provide the option of auto-assigning a floating IP to each instance. Depends upon the `auto_assign_floating_ip` boolean flag value, which is set to `false` by default.


OpenStack aims to remove some of the granularity associated with managing individual nodes in a scalable network. It should be possible to define multiple ranges/pools of IP addresses and have OpenStack choose the next available IP address from these predefined address pools for assignment to newly created instances.

User stories

Eldar is going to create a SaaS app. He will ultimately deploy his app to Amazon Web Services EC2, which automatically assigns a public IP address to each instance. He doesn't want to spend a lot of money while developing his app, so he is using OpenStack with the AWS API to emulate AWS EC2 behavior for the development phase. In order to accurately emulate the automation Amazon provides, he'll require OpenStack handle the automatic assignment of a public IP address to each instance.




UI Changes

Code Changes


Added column auto_assigned to floating_ips table.

Test/Demo Plan

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