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App-Catalog/Catalogue Disclaimer

The Community App catalog is a resource of the community, by the community, so we do hope you enjoy it. Please do keep in mind some important context:

  • This Catalogue is an information service provided for your convenience. The OpenStack Foundation does not endorse or recommend any item listed. You should not infer anything from the order in which the items are listed.
  • Some if the items are not part of the OpenStack Project. OpenStack does not play any role in the development, distribution or maintenance of those items. OpenStack does not make any commitment to screen the items for quality, security, interoperability or any other matter.
  • Although we may do some screening on an ad hoc basis, we do not undertake any commitment to be comprehensive and you should not rely on us to do this.
  • The license terms for the items vary. Some items are covered by proprietary licenses. You should satisfy yourself as to the licensing terms and other terms on which the items are offered.
  • Our listing may not link to the most recent version of the item. For example, if the item has been updated to address a security vulnerability after publication in our catalogue, our link may not have been updated to reference the updated version.