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Ansible SIG

Ansible SIG

Status: Active

Description: OpenStack's Ansible SIG is a community of practice and collaboration for developers, operators, and end users of OpenStack with Ansible. Its purpose is to facilitate cross-project collaboration among Ansible-related OpenStack projects and efforts, and to provide a broader feedback loop between operators and users of Ansible in OpenStack clouds and developers of Ansible-related tools for deploying, operating, and managing services in OpenStack Clouds. The Ansible SIG also facilitates awareness of improvements, project timelines, or issues relating to OpenStack in the Ansible project community, and aspires to grow the collective pool of contributors across both open source projects.

Potential Goals

  • Provide a unified source of Ansible + OpenStack related information for developers, operators, and consumers of OpenStack cloud infrastructure
  • Build / consolidate knowledge around best practices and existing roles or playbooks for operators and users
  • Grow the pool of maintainers and knowledge around development for Ansible's OpenStack modules (and the Shade library) and better understand how they are used by operators / end users
  • Others: TBD!


  • Users of Ansible to deploy, manage, and/or consume OpenStack and OpenStack services
  • Contributors and/or users of various Ansible-related OpenStack projects, OpenStack modules in Ansible, and/or Ansible roles for use in or with OpenStack
  • Anyone curious about using Ansible and OpenStack together

SIG Leads

  • Robyn Bergeron (rbergeron)
  • Another Ansible+OpenStack Enthusiast, TBD

Community Infrastructure

Other notes

This SIG will essentially be the same group as the OpenStack Working Group in the Ansible community (OpenStack WG request in Ansible can be found here.). Most of the community-facilitating infrastructure / information will likely live in OpenStack's community space; however, pointers from one group to the other will be made as needed for clarity / necessity.