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Zone migration

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Zone migration is the tool to migrate VMs and volumes for scheduled maintenance efficiently, automatically, and with minimum downtime.

Why Zone migration?

There are thousands of physical servers and storage running various kinds of workloads in the Cloud system. Administrator have to migrate instances and block storage for hardware maintenance once a quarter or so. It requires operators manually to watch workloads, choose instances to migrate and migrate for each instances and block storage for efficiently, with minimum downtime. It is a hard task.

Use Cases

As administrator, I want zone migration to propose the best instances or block storage should be migrated, and migrate destination(physical server, storage) based on fresh data model.

As administrator, I want zone migration to migrate proposed instances or block storage automatically.

As administrator, I want to know percentage of migrated resources I have to do.


Zone migration is composed of UI and OpenStack Watcher plugin we created. OpenStack Watcher plugin is main part. UI is for monitoring and reporting.


Zone migration is under development, will be released in April 2017 as PoC.

We want zone migration to contribute to OpenStack foundation in the future.


Internal as of now

Source code

Internal as of now