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Marconi Endpoints

Endpoints define the protocol between a given transport and the storage driver. In this way, multiple transports like HTTP and ZMQ can be supported; they are not exclusive and can be enabled directly from the config file.

Related endpoints are grouped into one of several controllers, who's interface is defined by an abstract base class. The storage driver provides a concrete implementation for each controller type.

For specific implementations read: HTTP, ZMQ

Common Endpoints, exposed by Storage Drivers

Storage drivers export 3 controllers which group endpoints by resource.


  • Create Queue (create_queue)
  • Set queue metadata (set_queue_meta)
  • Get queue metadata (get_queue_meta)
  • Delete Queue (delete_queue)
  • Get queue status (get_queue_status)


  • Get Message (get_message)
  • Get Messages (get_messages)
  • Get Action Messages (get_actions)
  • Post Message(s) (post_messages)
  • Delete Message (delete_message)


  • Claim Message (claim_message)
  • Query claim (query_claim)
  • Update claim (update_claim)
  • Release Claim (release_claim)


The following endpoints only apply to specific transports.


  • Node health (test_reachable)
  • Get home document