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Marconi Endpoints

Endpoints represent a communication layer between Marconi and external clients. They exist in order to support multiple transports like HTTP, ZMQ, etc; they are not exclusive and can be enabled directly from the config file.

Each endpoint defines its own API that is common in terms of methods but different in terms of implementation and inherits from an abstract endpoint class that defines methods that should be call by endpoints after translating requests to something useful for Marconi.

For specific implementations read: HTTP, ZMQ

Common Methods


  • Create Queue (create_queue)
  • Update Queue (update_queue)
  • Delete Queue (delete_queue)


  • Count Message (count_message)
  • Get Message (get_message)
  • Get Messages (get_messages)
  • Get Action Messages (get_action_messages)
  • Post Message (post_message)
  • Claim Message (claim_message)
  • Renew Message Claim (renew_claim_message)
  • Delete Message (delete_message)


  • Health (get_health)