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Marconi API - Next

Brainstorming page for API improvements. The ideas below need to be discussed with the Marconi team and the OS community. They will be turned into blueprints as appropriate.


summary | log

  • Auto-generate client UUID if not given
    • Makes things more confusing, since
  • Clearly define whether client ID is required for every request, and enforce it in the implementation
    • Always require it, and log the id in every log line for tracing, analytics, support, etc.
    • Plan for v1.1
  • Consider allowing opaque string for client ID rather than UUID (will need to understand what else people want to use?)
    • it isn't *that* hard to generate one
    • saying it has to be uuid makes validation easier, and reduces confusion
  • Remove deprecated "partial results" semantics from message posting
    • This is no longer a possiblity with the mongo driver, and other backends probably don't need it either
    • Simplifies client implementations
    • Plan for v1.1
  • Include claim information when listing messages and retrieving individual messages
    • Include Client ID in claim data
    • Helps when auditing a queue, diagnostics?
    • Extra storage is trivial when storing UUID as binary (16 bytes)
    • Plan tentatively for v1.1 - need to think more about use cases
  • List claims for a given queue
    • Worker should be able to trust claim was created as expected
    • Other workers should not be looking at claims they did not create
    • Auditor client can list messages and see claim IDs on them if it wants to verify
  • Automatically create queues the first time a message is posted to it
    • Revisit for v2.0
    • Metadata?
    • Typos create queues? Could mitigate with an operation flag (lazy=True by default)


  • Return an href for deleting all claimed messages with a single call
  • Allow PUTing metadata when creating a queue
  • 204 vs. 200 + empty array
  • Consistency around response envelope for /messages vs /messages?ids
  • Return full URIs in location/content-location headers (rather than relative ones)
  • Is content-location header really necessary?
  • Polling model is based on the assumption of a "streaming" interaction model. Is there a place for a "point in time" listing model, where you don't always get a "next" href?
  • Query parameters are usually considered to be "optional", and yet DELETE queues/my-queue/messages requires an "ids" parameter. Some options:
    • Make "ids" optional. In this case, DELETE my-queue/messages would be defined to delete all messages in the queue. See also: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/marconi/+spec/flush-queue
    • Allow lists of id’s in the path, such as my-queue/messages/1,2,3. We experimented with this is an early API draft, but a lot of people thought it looked strange/unusual, so we didn’t do it.
    • Don’t support bulk DELETE operations on messages.