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Marconi Icehouse Roadmap

Our Commitment: Produce a rock-solid, scalable, ops-ready "1.0" foundational Marconi release overlayed with a polished API.


  • No outstanding bugs with priority medium or higher.
  • SQL driver
  • Client library (reference Python lib)
  • Devstack integration
  • Tempest integration
  • Evaluate Pecan/WSME (POC)
  • Service catalog (TBD)
  • Heat templates


  • DRY API definition, validation
  • API v1.1
  • Perf: Basic caching of things (queue exists)
  • User: Consistent error messages


  • Ops: Improved logging
  • Ops: Queue migrations (between shards)


  • Notifications
  • Message Push
  • AMQP driver
  • Ops: Marconi Deployment & Operations Guide (should be high for Juno)
  • Horizon integration
  • End user docs (should be high for Juno)