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* [[Marconi/docs/contrib/quality/performance|Performance]]
* [[Marconi/docs/contrib/quality/performance|Performance]]
* [[Marconi/docs/contrib/quality/functional|Functional Tests]]
* [[Marconi/docs/contrib/quality/functional|Functional Tests]]
* [[Marconi/docs/contrib/quality/integration|Integration Tests]]
* [[Marconi/docs/contrib/quality/integration|Tempest Tests]]
==== Resources ====
==== Resources ====

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Messaging Service ("Marconi")

Marconi is a cloud messaging and notification service for developers building applications on top of OpenStack. The service features a web-friendly HTTP API, which developers can use to send messages between the various components of their SaaS and mobile applications, using a variety of communication patterns. Underlying the API is an efficient messaging engine designed with scalability and security in mind.

At first glance, Marconi's RESTful API may seem a bit out of the ordinary. Message brokers typically rely on a custom binary protocol and long-lived connections. However, many of today's developers prefer a more web-friendly HTTP API. They value the simplicity and transparency of the protocol, its firewall-friendly nature, and its huge ecosystem of tools, load balancers and proxies. In addition, cloud operators appreciate the scalability aspects of the REST architectural style.

Several OpenStack programs have expressed interest in integrating with Marconi to surface events to end users and user-agents. We look forward to collaborating with these and other programs on their individual use cases:

  • Heat
  • Swift
  • Horizon
  • Guest Agent
  • Ceilometer


The Marconi team hangs out in #openstack-marconi on Freenode. Feel free to stop in anytime to chat with us; the crew is always happy to hear your ideas and answer questions. If you run into a bug, please report it using our issue tracker.




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Contributor Guide

Getting Started

API Specs


Quality Engineering