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List Queues

Template: GET /v1/queues?marker=string& limit=integer&detailed=boolean

Normal response code(s): 200

Error response codes(s): badRequest (400), unauthorized (401), itemNotFound (404), unauthorized (406)

This operation lists queues for the project, sorting the queues alphabetically by name.

Name Style Type Description
marker Query String Specifies the name of the last queue received in the previous request, or none to get the first page of results. The marker parameter is optional.
limit Query Integer Specifies up to 20 (the default, but configurable) queues to return. Forward-only paging is supported via "next" link. The limit parameter is optional.
detailed Query Boolean Determines whether queue metadata is included in the response. The default is false, which excludes the metadata from the results. The detailed parameter is optional.

Request Example:

GET /v1/queues?marker=baz&detailed=true HTTP/1.1 Host: marconi.example.com ...

Response Example:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK


 "links: [
      "rel": "next",
      "href": "/v1/queues/fizbit/queues?marker=kooleo&limit=10&detailed=true"
"queues": [
  { "name": "boomerang", "href": "/v1/queues/boomerang", "metadata": {} },
  { "name": "fizbit", "href": "/v1/queues/fizbit", "metadata": { "handle": "@kgriffs" } },
  { "name": "kooleo",  "href": "/v1/queues/kooleo", "metadata": { "something": "something_else" } }