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=== List Queues ===
Template: GET /v1/queues?marker=string& limit=integer&detailed=boolean
Normal response code(s): 200
Error response codes(s): badRequest (400), unauthorized (401), itemNotFound (404), unauthorized (406)
This operation lists queues for the project, sorting the queues alphabetically by name.
{| class="wikitable"
|marker||Query||String||Specifies the name of the last queue received in the previous request, or none to get the first page of results. The marker parameter is optional.
|limit||Query||Integer||Specifies up to 20 (the default, but configurable) queues to return. Forward-only paging is supported via "next" link. The limit parameter is optional.
|detailed||Query||Boolean||Determines whether queue metadata is included in the response. The default is false, which excludes the metadata from the results. The detailed parameter is optional.
Request Example:
<code>GET /v1/queues?marker=baz&detailed=true HTTP/1.1
Host: marconi.example.com
Response Example:
<code>HTTP/1.1 200 OK
  "links: [
      "rel": "next",
      "href": "/v1/queues/fizbit/queues?marker=kooleo&limit=10&detailed=true"
"queues": [
  { "name": "boomerang", "href": "/v1/queues/boomerang", "metadata": {} },
  { "name": "fizbit", "href": "/v1/queues/fizbit", "metadata": { "handle": "@kgriffs" } },
  { "name": "kooleo",  "href": "/v1/queues/kooleo", "metadata": { "something": "something_else" } }

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