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Stats Collector

We need to gather several stats. Some of these will need to be exposed via the API (bp/advanced-queue-stats), but the first step is recording, which is what this bp is all about.

Note: Use a storage driver middleware approach for metering/stats initially (ala Swift)

Here are some possible metrics (starred items are most important).

Per Cluster =

  • Storage stats
  • Storage health

Per account

  • Number of queues*
  • Total messages/day
  • Average messages/sec*

Per queue

  • Average messages/sec enqueued*
  • Number of messages*
  • Life of queue (how long since created)
  • Number of producers
  • Number of workers
  • Number of subscribers
  • Average message size
  • Average message TTL
  • Average message lifetime (explicitly deleted)
  • Average claim TTL
  • Average claim lifetime
  • Average number of messages posted per request
  • Average number of messages requested per GET or claim

Operations should be able to aggregate and graph these metrics across acounts.

See also: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/marconi/2013/marconi.2013-06-27-19.05.log.html