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Overview =

These tests examined the pub-sub performance of the Redis driver (Juno release).



Configuration 1

In these tests, various amounts of load was applied to the following configuration:

  • 1x4 load balancer
  • 1x20 web head (WSGI server)
  • 1x1 redis (message store)
  • 3x mongo replica set (pooling catalog)

Senario 1 (Write-Heavy)

In these tests, observers were held at 50 while the number of producer clients was steadily increased (X axis). Each level of load was executed for 5 minutes, and then the samples were used to calculate the following statistics.

All requests succeeded, so error rates are not shown.

Mean Latency

The Y-axis denotes mean latency in milliseconds.


Combined Throughput

The Y-axis denotes the combined throughput for all clients in requests/sec.


Standard Deviation

The Y-axis denotes the stdev for per-request latency (ms).


99th Percentile

The Y-axis denotes the per-request latency for 99% of client requests. This shows the latency for most of the requests.


Maximum Latency

The Y-axis represents the maximum latency experienced by any client during a given run. To view the duration for most of the requests, see the 99th percentile graph, above. The spikes are likely due to Redis's snapshotting feature (the default settings were used for redis-server in these tests).