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Learn how we work

Set up your contributor account

Get the code

git clone https://github.com/openstack/marconi.git

Hack, hack, hack!

Pick a bug

You can start tacking some bugs from the bugs list in Launchpad. When you find a bug you want to work on, just assign yourself. Make sure to read the bug report and, if you need more information, ask the reporter to provide more details.

If you find a bug that it's not in the bugs list in Launchpad (props for that!), just report it and wait for another developer to confirm it. When it's confirmed, you can start working on it.

To start working on your bug, make sure to follow the Gerrit Workflow.

Design principles

Marconi lives by the following design principles:

  1. DRY
  2. YAGNI
  3. KISS

Try to stick to them when working on your patch, the reviewers will appreciate that!

Submit your patch

Once you finished coding your fix, go ahead and submit it for review. Other Marconi devs will try it and make their comments, and when you get two or more +1 and a core reviewer approves it, it will get merged. Well done!