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XenServer/XenServer CI/AdminTips

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XenServer CI Admin Tips

Auth is via ssh-keys, please request access in the XenAPI team meeting, if you want to help.

Main box:


Services that should be running:

  • citrix-ci-gerritwatch: Watches the gerrit stream and adds jobs to the queue
    • Logs: /var/log/citrix-ci-gerritwatch.log
    • (Re)start: restart citrix-ci-gerritwatch / start citrix-ci-gerritwatch
  • citrix-ci: Progresses jobs through the lifecycle (see below)
    • Logs: /var/log/citrix-ci.log
    • (Re)start: restart citrix-ci / start citrix-ci
  • nodepool: Provisions VMs to use in the tests
    • Logs: /var/log/nodepool/nodepool.log, /var/log/nodepool/debug.log
    • (Re)start: killall nodepool; rm /var/run/nodepool/nodepool.pid; start nodepool