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XenServer/XenServer CI

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Revision as of 21:41, 19 February 2014 by Bob Ball (talk | contribs)

Current status:

  • Checks all changes on devstack, tempest, and Nova (excluding changes exclusively in non-XenServer driver files)
  • Uses nodepool and devstack-gate to run tests in RAX cloud
  • Reports, without voting, on all changes


  • Reverted to running smoke only as Full tempest is suffering a large number of timeouts (> 3 hours)
  • There are occasional failures to build nodes that block one of 5 slots until they are freed manually.
  • We may be hitting race conditions seen in the gate more frequently than the gate itself; likely could find fixes for XenAPI to reduce failure rate.
  • A large backlog of jobs has been collected over the last couple of days - meaning recent result postings are not within the required 4-hour window
    • Some jobs were missed from the gerrit stream when the CI process was being fixed
    • Doubled the number of servers allowed to 30.

Gate queue (Updated every 30 minutes): http://ca.downloads.xensource.com/OpenStack/xenserver-ci/current_queue.txt Failed tests (Updated every 30 minutes): http://ca.downloads.xensource.com/OpenStack/xenserver-ci/all_failures.txt

See also XenServer/GateIntegration for the efforts in getting this CI integrated with the official testing infrastructure (Properly check jobs; not necessarily gate).