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Installing XenServer / XCP on Virtual Box

This is a really useful development environment when you want everything running on a single box.

The setup includes:

  • Virtual Box on your laptop or desktop
  • XCP running in a Virtual Box VM
  • OpenStack running in a VM on XCP
  • Launching a VM on XCP using OpenStack

Install Virtual Box

You can get virtual box here: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads


As with any XenServer + OpenStack + DevStack deployment, it is worth getting your head strait around the networking.

While there are many options that could work, please try the recommended approach first. It will really help you understand what is possible.

The XenServer virtual box VM:

  • a single bridged adapter onto your primary network
  • * NAT is default, but not as useful
  • * This will make XenServer appear on your network
  • the above network is assumed to have DHCP (like that provided by a home router)