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Working Group Template

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Status: {Forming, Active, Ended}


 * Name Surname <Name.Surname@example.org>
 * Name Surname <Name.Surname@example.org>

As the first paragraph, give a clear statement on the purpose of your working group, including specific, detailed outcomes.

Please make a clear statement on which user group, audiences, professions, and/or sectors which your Working Group is aimed at supporting.


Specify which items are in *and out* of scope for this working group. It it important to avoid overlap and duplication of efforts with other working groups.

How to Join

Give some simple instructions on how a prospective new member could join the working group.

NB By default Working Groups should have all members join the user-committee mailing list where all user-committee activity is overseen by the User Committee.


Is your group a single group, or are there multiple sub-groups? Is your WG time based with multiple phases (will take place over several summit cycles)?

For each part of your working group structure, please ensure you list organisers (e.g. co-chairs or scribe) and nominated persons.