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Working Group Template

Status: {Forming, Active, Ended}


 * Name Surname <Name.Surname@example.org>
 * Name Surname <Name.Surname@example.org>

As the first paragraph, give a clear statement on the purpose of your working group, including specific, detailed outcomes.

Please make a clear statement on which user group, audiences, professions, and/or sectors which your Working Group is aimed at supporting.


Specify which items are in and out of scope for this working group. It it important to avoid overlap and duplication of efforts with other working groups.

Please also provide a section on what is "out of scope" for the working group.

How to Join

Give some simple instructions on how a prospective new member could join the working group.

NB By default Working Groups should have all members join the user-committee mailing list where all user-committee activity is overseen by the User Committee.


Is your group a single group, or are there multiple sub-groups? Is your WG time based with multiple phases (will take place over several summit cycles)?

For each part of your working group structure, please ensure you list organisers (e.g. co-chairs or scribe) and nominated persons.