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Women of OpenStack

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Welcome to the Women of OpenStack wiki page!

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Work Group Meeting information

The Women of OpenStack meet every 2 weeks (odd weeks) at 2000 UTC.

Next Meeting Monday, February 8, 2016 2000 UTC Dial In: ACCESS: 1-203-277-8157 or 866-619-0383 Participant: 7217256#
Current Meeting Etherpad https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/WOS_2_8_16
Meeting Leader and Agenda Tracker - Pls signup to lead an upcoming meeting! https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/WOS_Agenda_Tracker
Archive Meeting Notes https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/WOS_Meeting_Archives

WOO Initiatives

Identified Challenges & Suggested Solutions

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(takeaways from the May 2015 Vancouver Summit)

Group Challenge Suggested Next Steps
1 Need more women PTLs and need to support women who want to grow as technical contributors Find ways to support women to be recognized as technical leaders. Example: travel funding for women to attend OpenStack summits
2 Not enough women in the OpenStack community Attract women to the OpenStack community and support them to remain active in the community. Example: mentorship of women to achieve technical leadership roles
3 Women need support and practice to more confidently communicate in meetings or in larger groups Webinar on how to participate more effectively in meetings. Example: role play meeting scenarios, help women gain confidence and practice to ask questions during a Tokyo summit talk
4 Need to support higher inclusion of women in the OpenStack community Workshop to develop leadership soft skills, encourage inclusion, recognize regional gaps in communication, celebrate the successes of women in the OpenStack community
5 Need women leaders to be more visible in the OpenStack main tent sessions Have a woman keynote speaker, more women participate in panel discussions. Support women with speaker training and creating a pipeline of speaking opportunities for them.
6 Need a supportive and interactive environment for women to come together and support one another with the OpenStack community Create a private IRC channel for the Women of OpenStack, opportunities to seek and find mentors more naturally based on technology and areas of interest
7 Need a platform to encourage informal mentoring and networking Reward and recognize mentorship as a key skill that is important as other technical skills

Past & Current WOO Networking Events

Past Speaking Sessions

Portland Summit (April 2013):

Paris Summit (November 2014):

Vancouver Summit (May 2015):

Tokyo Summit (October 2015)

WOO Coverage

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Other Women and Diversity Groups

Women of OpenStack Directory

Feel free to add yourself to the list. For your Contact info, use whatever you're most comfortable with—Facebook or LinkedIn, Launchpad profile page, IRC handle, etc.

Name Contact Role Area(s) of Interest
Poonam Yadav IRC: pyadav
Technical OpenStack Core projects
Jane Example Stacker IRC: JaneS
Developer Nova, Neutron
Malini Bhandaru IRC: malini1
malini dot k dot bhandaru at intel dot com
Architect & Manager - Intel Open Source Technology Center Security, Advanced Network Services, Glance, Keystone
Lana Brindley IRC: loquacities
Docs PTL, Docs Core & Rackspace Private Cloud Docs All projects
Anne Gentle IRC: annegentle
Technical Committee, API WG, Docs All projects
Karin Levenstein IRC: KLevenstein Docs Writer (Information Developer)
Rackspace Private Cloud docs
OpenStack Core projects
Alexandra Settle IRC: asettle
Docs Writer (Information Developer) OpenStack Core projects
Sayali Lunkad IRC: sayalilunkad
training-guides core training-guides, horizon
Irena Berezovsky IRC: irenab
Architect neutron, nova, SDN, NFV
Rossella Sblendido IRC: rossella_s
Software Engineer Neutron
Shilla Saebi IRC: ShillaSaebi
Docs Core/OpenStack Ops Engineer at Comcast All projects
Megan Rossetti IRC: MeganR
PM , training-guides, Win the Enterprise All projects
Samta Rangare IRC: sam
srangare at mvista dot com
Software Engineer Neutron, Nova, Ceilometer, Congress
Victoria Martínez de la Cruz IRC: vkmc
Software Developer All projects
Sandhya Dasu IRC: sadasu
sadasu at cisco dot com
Developer Neutron, NFV
Emily Hugenbruch IRC: ekhugen
Software Engineer Nova, Tempest
Catherine Richardson catherine.richardson@rackspace.com Information Developer
Rackspace DevDocs
Rackspace API documentation
Anne McCormick IRC: annemccormick
Software Engineer Neutron
Kathy Cacciatore kathyc@openstack.org Consulting Marketing Manager, OpenStack Foundation Enterprise Marketing
Priti Desai priti_desai@symantec.com OpenStack Evangelista OpenStack Doc, Keystone, OSSG
Beth Cohen bfcohen@luthcomputer.com
LinkedIn Profile
Cloud Technologist OpenStack Doc, Cloud Architectures
Aysy Anne Duarte IRC: aysyd
Software Engineer QA
Nisha Agarwal IRC: Nisha Software Engineer ironic, nova
Summer Long IRCː slong Software Engineer security
Tamara Johnston IRC: TamaraJ
Senior Manager, Cloud Services OpenStack Doc
Val Wanjura IRCː arcee2 Technical Operations Manager All Projects
Amy Marrich IRC: spotz Linux Systems Engineer OSA, Heat, Barbican, Community
Carol Barrett IRC: barret1 Data Center Software Planner Community
Shaifali Agrawal IRC: exploreshaifali
Individual Contributor, Software Developer Zaqar, Horizon, Magnum, Kola, Trove,TripleO
Darla Ahlert IRC: alraddarla
Software Engineer All Projects
Margaret Chiosi IRC: mchiosi
Network Architect All Projects
Holly Bazemore IRC: cloudhollyb
Director of Elastic Cloud Strategy and Deployments at Comcast All projects