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  • Contributors: Yas Naoi @ DOOCMO Innovations, Inc. (Twitter: @yas)


Clanavi, a Web Cloud Management System supports to manage multiple cloud infrastructures as an integrated hybrid cloud management system, which is based on Drupal modules for supporting multiple clouds such as Amazon EC2, XCP and OpenStack including cloud functionalities such as server templates, clusters, monitoring, billing, resource allocation, reliability, scalability and etc.

Release Note

12/22/2011 ver.1.2 9th Release | Download

06/13/2011 ver.1.01 8th Release (Finally) | Download

06/02/2011 ver.0.92 7th Release | Download

04/07/2011 Approved as an official project at http://drupal.org/project/clanavi

04/05/2011 ver.0.91 6th Release | Download

03/24/2011 ver.0.9 5th Release | Download

01/29/2011 ver.0.82 4th Release | Download

12/26/2010 ver.0.81 3rd Release | Download

12/21/2010 ver.0.8 2nd Release | Download

11/09/2010 ver.0.7 1st Release | Download


We are working on building Hybrid Cloud for research and development purpose. Our project goal is to realize managing not only Public Cloud but also Private Cloud by making operations even easier. We are managing Amazon EC2, and our Private Cloud by making our own Cloud management tool by Drupal, which we call 'Clanavi' beyond Drupal as a Content Management System. --- Drupal as a fundamental of PaaS (Platform as a Service).

User stories

From User's Perspective, UX Includes:

  • Access to Multiple Clouds like Amazon EC2, OpenStack and XCP
  • Access to Windows VM via RDC
  • Launch and Terminate Instances
  • Manage Server Templates
  • Manage Clusters
  • Failover Service

From IT Administrator's Perspective (In Addition to the User's Perspective Above), UX Includes:

  • Provides AuthN: Work with Active Directory (LDAP Server)
  • Make AuthZ: Access Permission for Each Functionality
  • Set up Automatic Backups (and Restore)
  • Check Billing Status (TBD: Each User Metering and Limitation to Budget)
  • Browse User Activity Logs
  • Manage VM Images
  • Auto-scaling (We provide an auto-scaling framework; any auto-scaling algorithm contribution is appreciated)

Overview (Presentation Material at OpenStack 2nd Design Conference (Bexar))

How to Manage Your Cloud by Drupal (slideshare.net)


Pluggable Cloud Module Design Pattern

Clanavi Module Diagram


  • Server-side
    • Language: PHP 5.3.3 or higher
    • Drupal 6.x / Drupal 7.x
    • Apache 2.2 or higher + mod_rewrite
    • MySQL 5.1 or higher
  • Browser Support: Chrome, Firefox, Safari (both Mac and Windows)

Test/Demo Plan

This project is sponsored by DOCOMO Innovations, Inc.