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Virt Driver Image Properties

The virtualization drivers make use of metadata properties set against the glance or cinder image to customize aspects of the guest instance setup.

Current usage as of Feb 6, 2014



  • architecture - name of guest hardware architecture eg i686, x86_64, ppc64
  • hw_cdrom_bus - name of the CDROM bus to use eg virtio, scsi, ide
  • hw_disk_bus - name of the hard disk bus to use eg virtio, scsi, ide
  • hw_floppy_bus - name of the floppy disk bus to use eg fd, scsi, ide
  • hw_qemu_guest_agent - boolean 'yes' or 'no' to enable QEMU guest agent
  • hw_rng - name of the RNG device type eg virtio (pending merge)
  • hw_scsi_model - name of the SCSI bus controller eg 'virtio-scsi', 'lsilogic', etc (pending merge)
  • hw_video_model - name of the video adapter model to use, eg cirrus, vga, xen, qxl
  • hw_video_ram - MB of video RAM to provide eg 64 (pending merge)
  • hw_vif_model - name of a NIC device model eg virtio, e1000, rtl8139
  • hw_watchdog_action - action to take when watchdog device fires eg reset, poweroff, pause, none (pending merge)
  • os_command_line - string of boot time command line arguments for the guest kernel


  • hw_vif_model - name of the NIC model eg 'VirtualE1000'
  • owner_id - instance project id (set on upload but never read by anything !?!?)
  • vmware_adaptertype - name of the SCSI adapter model eg 'lsiLogic'
  • vmware_disktype - allocation mode eg 'preallocated'
  • vmware_image_version - integer value 1 (set on upload but never read by anything !?!?)
  • vmware_linked_clone - boolean flag to set space-saving or performance behavior on the Datastore
  • vmware_ostype - name of the guest OS type eg "otherGuest"


  • auto_disk_config - set on upload from instance 'auto_disk_config' - stored in instance object - used to decide to expand root disk partition and fs to full size of root disk
  • ipxe_boot - boolean - used to trigger code to inject networking when booting a CD image with a network boot image
  • os_type - set on upload from instance 'os_type' - used for many things, such as PV vs HVM defaults, default filesystem types, etc
  • xenapi_device_id - guest ABI version for guest xentools either 1 or 2 (or 3 - depends on Citrix PV tools version installed in image)
  • xenapi_image_compression_level - set from xenserver.image_compression_level global config - probably not read by anything
  • xenapi_use_agent - boolean - if false don't talk to nova agent
  • xenapi_skip_agent_inject_ssh - boolean - if using agent don't try inject ssh key, assume someone else is doing that (cloud-init)
  • xenapi_skip_agent_inject_files_at_boot - boolean - if using agent don't inject files, assume someone else is doing that (cloud-init)
  • cache_in_nova - boolean - if True, and image cache set to "some" decides if image should be cached on host when server is booted on that host
  • vm_mode - "xen" vs "hvm" - stored in instance object
  • bittorrent - if true download using bittorrent

Note - many are accessed by looking at system metadata

Bare Metal

None used / set


None used / set


None used / set

Standarized property set