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Venus is an OpenStack project that aims to provide a one-stop solution to log collection, cleaning, indexing, analysis, alarm, visualization, report generation and other needs, which involves helping operator or maintainer to quickly solve retrieve problems, grasp the operational health of the platform, and improve the level of platform management. Which can include OpenStack logs, operating system logs, cloud platform service logs, and virtualized application related logs



Official name OpenStack Venus
Source code https://github.com/openstack/venus
Bug and Feature tracker https://launchpad.net/openstack-venus
Developer doc

We align with the official release schedule:https://releases.openstack.org/, with three milestones. We use launchpad to track all bugs and features.

Python Venus Client

Source code https://github.com/openstack/python-venusclient
Bug and Feature tracker https://launchpad.net/python-venusclient

Venus Tempest Plugin

Source code https://github.com/openstack/venus-tempest-plugin
Bug and Feature tracker -



General Resources

NOTE: Please be aware that this page is incomplete, we will continually update this page! We will not remove this note until we think that all the imperative documentation is done here. If you need any help in using Venus, please just ping in the IRC channel #openstack-venus.

Accelerator API reference

  • [It will be added the API reference after everything is ready.] #TODO

End User Guide


Resources for Contributors

Contributor Documentation

  • General Developer's Guide
  • [ TODO(brinzhang): add doc here once get merged Venus Architecture and long term plan Docs]
  • [ TODO(brinzhang): add doc here once get merged Venus feature process]
  • [ TODO(brinzhang): add doc here once get merged Venus-contributor doc]

Bug Report and Feature Registration Guide

Venus has used launchpad venus-launchpad to track bugs and features.

Development Release Schedule


  • Previous PTLs
    • None
  • Previous or current core reviewers:
    • Brin Zhang
    • Liye Pang
    • Ziyu Bai
    • jiasirui

  • Team Photo