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Who will help with the wiki

IRC Name Email Area of Expertise
arnaud alegendre@vmware.com Glance
garyk garyk@vmware.com Nova
arosen arisen@vmware.com Neutron
????  ???? Cinder

What we are looking for is something like Fedora TestDay where we have instructions on what to test and a place people can post their results. Ideally we will test nova, glance, cinder, and neutron - but people should be able to pick what to do.

Who's Available

The following folks will be available on irc during test day to answer questions, do testing, work on bugs, etc


Prerequisite for Test Day

A vSphere environment (describe??)
A devstack deployment at top of tree

How to test?

what do they need to do here other than start up their devstack env?

Test Cases:

Regression Test Cases
Icehouse New Feature Test Cases


  1. Load an image into Glance

Nova Basic

  1. Create a network (already done in devstack. need to do again??)

Nova Core

  1. Launch an instance
  2. Stop instance
  3. Start insance
  4. Attach a volume
  5. Detach the volume
  6. Add a floating IP

Nova boot from volume

  1. Snapshot a volume
  2. Boot from snapshot