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User Guides

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Welcome to the home page for the User Guide Specialty Team!

About the User Guide team

This team is all about the users.

Its purpose is to give us a space to have conversations about enterprise content, support companies who reuse upstream content from the guides, and also get some focus on information architecture, consistency, and conventions in the guides. Our scope covers long term changes, when new services appear in the OpenStack big tent community.

We focus on maintaining:

  • Cloud Admin Guide
  • End User Guide
  • Admin User Guide

For the Install Guide and the Networking Guide, see those respective speciality groups.

Quick links

Team members

  • Joseph Robinson, Team Lead, Brisbane Australia (UTC+10)
  • Brian Moss, Rackspace, Brisbane Australia (UTC+10)
  • Tanja Roth, SUSE, Germany (UTC+1)
  • Bernd Bausch, Japan. Not quite certain yet to what extent I can contribute.
  • Deepti Navale, Red Hat, Sydney Australia (UTC+10)
  • Alexandra Settle, Rackspace, Brisbane Australia (UTC+10)
  • Darren Chan, Rackspace, Canberra Australia (UTC+10)
  • Emett Speer, Vancouver, Canada (UTC+8)



Meetings are held on fortnightly (even weeks) on Wednesdays at 23:30 UTC (Thursday 9:30am Australian Eastern Standard Time or GMT+10, Wednesday 4:30pm Pacific Standard Time) on the #openstack-meeting-4 IRC channel.

We have a page with instructions on running meetings with MeetBot, which is the same tracker used in the Weekly OpenStack Docs meetings - Meeting Instructions and Agenda

Previous meetings took place on Google Hangouts - Meeting link: User Guide Team Hangout

Agenda for next meeting

The meeting agenda page - Meeting Instructions and Agenda