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About Me

Currently pursuing my Masters by computing course at the National University of Singapore. I worked as a IT solutions architect at Citrix R&D India in Bangalore between July 2011 and July 2013 before coming to Singapore. I completed bachelor's in engineering from PES Institute of Technology,Bangalore. I was selected to be a part of the Marconi team for the Google Summer of Code'14 with Fei Long Wang and Alejandro Cabrera as my assigned mentors.

As a part of this program I am currently developing a reliable and persistant redis backend store to support the messaging API. This driver aims to be a primary alternative for the currently bundled mongodb driver which is limited by AGPL requirements. The driver is under active development and a single redis instance storage backend is expected to be fully functional at the end of August'14. This driver will later be extended to support redis clusters to provide reliability and persistence to the user data.

My other open source interests include Jquery, python and wikipedia editing.On wikipedia I actively contribute towards Sports, Indian Cinema & Politics and Music.

Python and javascript are the two tools of my coding armory raring to go out to find and hack interesting problems. You can find me on twitter @prashanthraghu.

Blueprints I am currently working on

Blueprint Name
Redis Storage Driver
MongoDB alternate

My Wishlist

Blueprint Name
Oslo Redis Cache backend

Some Additional Information:

1. Google Summer of Code Proposal ( Prashanth Raghu ) 2014 - Download. Feel free to download it if you need it as a reference for your proposals.