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About Me

Currently pursuing my Masters by computing course at the National University of Singapore. I worked as a IT solutions architect at Citrix R&D India in Bangalore between July 2011 and July 2013 before coming to Singapore. I completed bachelor's in engineering from PES Institute of Technology,Bangalore. I was selected to be a part of the Marconi team as a part of Google Summer of Code'14. My mentors for this project are Fei Long Wang and Alejandro Cabrera.

My open source interests include Jquery, python and wikipedia editing.On wikipedia I contribute actively towards Summer Olympics 2012, Indian Cinema & Sports , Indian Politics.

My favorite coding tools are python and javascript, and they are always ready to get out of the armory.

You can find me on twitter @prashanthraghu.

I actively contribute towards the Marconi project.

Currently I am developing a redis back end as a reliable back end store for the messaging API.

Blueprints I currently work on

Blueprint Name
Redis Storage Driver
MongoDB alternate

My Wishlist

Blueprint Name
Oslo Redis Cache backend

Some Additional Information:

1. Google Summer of Code Proposal ( Prashanth Raghu ) 2014 - Download. Feel free to download it if you need it as a reference for your proposals.