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== ladquin ==
<!-- ## You can even more obfuscate your email address by adding more uppercase letters followed by a leading and trailing blank. -->
Hi there!
I'm ladquin, and I joined [[OpenStack]] as a very humble docs contributor.  I got here because of the [http://wiki.openstack.org/OutreachProgramForWomen Outreach Program for Women] in Jan 2013, but the truth is that I have found a great software community, one from which I get more than I can give to.
I'm currently <s>an OPW intern for the [[OpenStack]] Documentation project</s> a freelance Sysadmin, so the spare time is not a lot, but I'm always around ;)
Some uninteresting fun facts:
- I'm lazily pursuing a Physics Degree.
- I'm the guardian of an orange cat.
- I'm not really active in social networks, but you can usually reach me at the #openstack-* IRC channels

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