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Upstream Working Groups

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Upstream Working Groups

Upstream work in OpenStack is organized under official project teams, but also more informal groups of people working in the same area with a common goal. Those working groups grow naturally and organically, and no permission is needed to create a working group. Just add them to this page to make your group easier to find. Workgroups should use OpenStack open communication media, including discussions on the openstack-dev mailing-list.

Note: most of those working groups are expected to become OpenStack_SIGs soon.


Working Group Goal Status Chair(s) Meeting
Architecture Working Group Be the recognized forum of expertise on the design and architecture of OpenStack and provide guidance and resources to the Technical Committee and the entire OpenStack community on architectural matters. Inactive - -
Stewardship Working Group Provide resources, expertise, and a forum for discussion on leadership, communication and decision making processes in the entire OpenStack community, as well as recommendations to the TC on improvements in these areas. Inactive - -
VM & BM Working Group Building a strong feedback loop between developers, users and operators to help improve the user experience and operator experience when using Nova, Ironic, Cinder, Neutron and Keystone together. Active John Garbutt and Lance Bragstad (trying none)
Deployment Encourage cross-team discussions around deployment (and upgrade) workflow for OpenStack, open collaboration around the tools available. Active Steve Hardy, Andy McCrae, Emilien Macchi (trying none)