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Upstream Working Groups

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Upstream work in OpenStack is organized around groups of people working in the same area. Those grow naturally and organically, and no permission is needed to create a working group. Just add them to this page to make your group easier to find. Workgroups should generally discuss on the openstack-dev mailing-list and hold IRC meetings.


Working Group Goal Status Chair(s) IRC Meeting
API Working Group To improve the developer experience of API users by converging the OpenStack API to a consistent and pragmatic RESTful design. The working group creates guidelines that all OpenStack projects should follow for new development, and promotes convergence of new APIs and future versions of existing APIs. Active Chris Dent, Ed Leafe [1]
Architecture Working Group Be the recognized forum of expertise on the design and architecture of OpenStack and provide guidance and resources to the Technical Committee and the entire OpenStack community on architectural matters. Active Clint Byrum [2]
Stewardship Working Group Review the leadership, communication, and decision making processes of the TC and OpenStack projects as a whole, and propose a set of improvements. Active Colette Alexander (trying none)