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====Related Projects====
====Related Projects====
* TripleO
OpenStack Charms
* OpenStack Charms
OpenStack Ansible
* OpenStack Ansible
* Kolla
====Interested Members====
====Interested Members====

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Upgrade SIG

Status: Forming

Description: The objective of the Upgrade SIG is to improve the upgrade process for OpenStack Clouds, covering both offline 'fast-forward' upgrades and online 'rolling' upgrades.

Participation: Please feel free to add your contact information in the below Interested Members section if you are interested in participating or SIG Leads section if you are interested in helping run this SIG.

Potential Goals

  • Build a cross-community team with a focus on OpenStack upgrades.
  • Provide a forum for discussion of upgrade challenges and approaches between operators and developers.
  • Provide a forum for deployment tool projects to provide upgrades and collaborate on approaches and tools.


  • Operators and developers interested in documenting and improving the upgrade experience for OpenStack Clouds.

SIG Leads

  • James Page (OpenStack Charms)
  • Lujin Luo

Community Infrastructure

  • Wiki
  * Fast Forward Upgrades Wiki: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Fast_forward_upgrades

Related Projects

  • TripleO
  • OpenStack Charms
  • OpenStack Ansible
  • Kolla

Interested Members