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Program name

  • Official Title: OpenStack User Experience
  • Program Codename: UX

Mission statement

  • Enable OpenStack users to be efficient and make their experience consistent and pleasurable.


  • Our goal is to research OpenStack end users, define the use cases that they perform, design a consistent and intuitive application for them, test our designs with end users and then finally working closely with developers to make our vision a reality.

Detailed description

  • Users utilize OpenStack because it helps to satisfy their needs. In addition to the reliable and stable services OpenStack provides, users require an efficient and consistent means to complete their use case. Efficiency and constistency are where UX plays a big role. By enhancing usability of our services, we don't just help users to be more effective but we increase their overall satisfaction with OpenStack.
  • User experience is a very broad field which impacts each area where users interact with OpenStack.
  • Aspects of all OpenStack projects are included in UX focus where there is user interaction e.g., UI, API, CLI. Their unification and improvements are crucial for user's efficiency.
  • By becoming a program we have better potential to attract more future contributors from various fields of all OpenStack projects.

Current work

  • Tracking, supporting and reviewing bugs and blueprints for Horizon / Openstack Dashboard
  • Filing new bugs and blueprints for Horizon / Openstack Dashboard
  • Defining and designing the User Experience in TripleO / Tuskar project
  • Helping to discover useful metrics and alarms in Ceilometer

Areas where UX can continue to help

  • User Interface:
    • Information architecture improvements
    • Unification and enhancements of current views
    • Guidelines to improve consistency between views
    • Design of new features
    • Refreshing visual identity
    • Prototyping User Interfaces
    • Usability testing of designs
  • Application Program Interface:
    • Standardization of capabilities and extensions querying
    • Unify API commands
      • list instances in nova cli: nova list
      • list images in glance cli: glance index
      • list stacks in heat: heat stack-list
  • Command Line Interface:
    • Make CLI commands more user friendly
  • Installation Experience
  • Researching users and building personas
  • Use case architecting

Expected deliverables

  • Evaluation of current state from a UX point of view - filing bugs and blueprints (UX launchpad)
  • Create proposals for enhancements based on the evalution of the current state
  • Definition and proposal of new features
  • Supporting designs for new features
  • Proposals and documentation of standards, best practices and recommendations
  • Testing with users and interviewing them
  • Contribute to forming and defining vision of future direction of OpenStack based on user feedback
  • Make sure that outputs and results are reflected in particular project's launchpad (blueprints, bugs)
  • If needed, support interaction designs with prototypes

Basic roadmap for the project

Next steps

  • Get AskBot running and set it up
  • Create separate launchpad project page
  • Create git repository and connect it with gerrit
  • Schedule regular IRC meetings
  • Decide on and propose contributors evaluation criteria
  • Continue delivering design proposals and solutions

Short term goals

  • Get all needed tools ready
  • Form official processes
  • Spread word across OpenStack projects
  • Support growth of our community
  • Support Horizon / OpenStack Dashboard project
  • Support Tuskar-UI project

Long term goals

  • Get involved with each OpenStack project
  • Get feedback from outside the OpenStack community (close in touch with real users)
  • Assure unified experience across various projects in OpenStack

Location of project source code

Programming language, required technology dependencies

  • None - mostly document proposals.
  • (HTML, CSS, JS) - prototypes.

Is project currently open sourced? What license?

  • All contributions to OpenStack User Experience are considered to be released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0).

Level of maturity of project and team

  • The current G+ UX community has currently over 120 members and is still rising. Initial UX work started at the Havana Summit (April 2013) and matured over time. The whole effort is being driven by contributors from Red Hat, HP, Rackspace and NTT I3 companies, who are actively responding to other contributors questions, proposing new features and designing solutions. Being close to other OpenStack projects is crucial for UX and we are trying to get members from various fields. The closest projects where our team members are active are Horizon, TripleO or Ceilometer.

Proposed initial program lead (PTL)

  • Jaromir Coufal

Core team

  • Liz Blanchard (Red Hat)
    Liz is a Senior User Experience Designer at Red Hat working on all things User Experience. She focuses on the Usability side of things at times in creating personas and going on site visits to perform usability tests and contextual inquiries. She also spends a lot of time on the Interaction Design side of things working in an agile process to create use cases, context scenarios, wireframes, higher fidelity mockups, and prototypes.
  • Jaromir Coufal (Red Hat)
    Jaromir Coufal is a Senior Interaction Designer (Software Engineer) at Red Hat. His expertize is in between of design and development world. He is focusing on user experience, UI design, web front-end development and adaptive user interfaces (monitor, tablet, mobile, etc.).
  • Toshiyuki Hayashi (NTT I3)
    Toshiyuki Hayashi is a Senior UX Designer at NTTi3. He has been engaged in developing, designing and researching UX for consumer web services for over 15 years. Also he has great knowledge of Web front-end technologies.
  • David Lyle (HP)
    David Lyle is a Senior Software Engineer at HP. He has over 15 years experience focusing on User Experience and implementing User Interfaces for enterprise, personal systems and mobile. He is a member of Horizon Core.

How 'contribution' is measured within the program

  • Activity in UX repository (number of delivered solutions)
  • Activity in UX AskBot tool
  • Activity in UX Launchpad
  • Activity in Mailing Lists

... more detailed metrics of contributors recognition will be discussed and officially announced later in time.

Infrastructure requirements (sources)

  • Git repository connected with Gerrit - for storing documents and related materials
  • Launchpad - for planning and tracking a progress
  • AskBot - for broad discussions
  • Mailing List - for official announcements
  • IRC channels - immediate discussions
  • (? official calendar of planned events)
  • (? stored audio/video sessions)

Have all current contributors agreed to the OpenStack CLA?

  • Yes, all contributors are currently members of other OpenStack projects.


  • None