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UX/Improvements to Inline Help in Horizon

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Improvements to Inline Help in Horizon

Currently, there is a solution to support inline help in forms.

When the user clicks on a form field, they are presented with a pop-up containing some help text to guide them on what they might need to input into this field. During the usability testing we found that when these inline help pop-ups were presented to users, they were well received. Here is an example of what these pop-ups look like today:

Inline help.png

Although the current solution was well received, there are cases in which we got feedback that things need to be improved:
  1. These inline help pop-ups should be used within any/all forms that have open input fields that are not straightforward to users on what they are supposed to input. This could be either help with content and/or format of content.
    • A proposal on where to add missing inline help fields:
      • Create Volume -> Size (GB)
      • Create an Image -> Architecture
      • Create Host Aggregate -> Availability Zone
      • Create Flavor -> VCPUs
      • Create Flavor -> RAM MB
      • Create Flavor -> Root Disk GB
      • Create Flavor -> Ephemeral Disk GB
      • Create Flavor -> Swap Disk MB
      • Create an Image -> Architecture (Admin tab)
  2. Certain fields that AREN’T open ended input fields still need to be able to allow for an extra explanation to the end user on what they fields are really asking. For example, there are a few check box fields that would be great to explain further what these mean to an end user:

Inline help checkbox.png

What does it mean to have a network in in Admin State? Some way to allow for an explanation of this field would be great for the user. Should we rely on the current “Help Text” styling to add a blurb of text under any fields that may need it?

Would it make more sense to have one solution that worked for any type of field? Perhaps something similar to this:

Inline help suggestion.png