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This is an overview of the core approval process for UI Designs.


UI designs will be posted for review in the Invision review tool for no less than one week to solicit comments from the overall OpenStack community. It also best practice to post a link to the project in the various IRC communities including the following:

Core Reviewers

Core reviewers are selected based on the quality and frequency of their contributions to the Invision OpenStack community. In addition, we will also try to have some diversity in terms of roles, ie operators, developers, designers, researchers, etc.


  1. David Lyle (david-lyle)
  2. Eric Peterson (ducttuape)
  3. Ju Lim (julim)
  4. Matt Borland (matt-borland)
  5. Piet Kruithof (piet)
  6. Rob Cresswell (robcresswell)
  7. Thai Tran (tqtran)
  8. Timur (tsufliev)
  9. Travis Tripp (TravT)


  1. Mocks are loaded into Invision as a project
  2. Community members are given no less than one week to comment on a design before cores are able to vote.
  3. Only cores can +/- 2 a project
    1. Invision projects will require at least two +2 votes to be accepted. Any projects that receive a -2 from a core will not be accepted.
    2. Community members are invited to leave feedback by add a +/- 1.
  4. Also, cores cannot +/- 2 their own projects.