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== OpenStack User Experience ==
== OpenStack User Experience ==

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Cloud Eco System

OpenStack User Experience

Mission Statement: Enable OpenStack users to be efficient and make their experience consistent and pleasurable.

User Experience (UX) is community-oriented and available for different audiences on several websites. This wiki serves as an informational source for UX-related activities (workstreams) that goes across multiple OpenStack projects.

UX Priorities

This is a list of mocks that need to be reviewed or approved by the UX cores. In the short term, we are planning to post links to projects that either need reviews or approval by the cores.

UX Workstreams

Getting Started

General Information

UX Program

  • For additional information about OpenStack UX, the programs, team, etc., please refer to the UX Program Proposal.

Mailing List

  • Please feel free to reach out to us via the openstack developer mailing list (openstack-dev@lists.openstack.org). In the subject, use the tag [UX] and we will be sure to see your question/request.


  • An additional way to get quick feedback or have a discussion with the UX group is to join the IRC channel on freenode #openstack-ux. If you don't get an immediate response, feel free to ask again later or jump over to using the mailing list!

Getting Involved as a Designer

Where can I ask questions or get feedback on my designs?

The team current uses an online tool called Invision to provided feedback on mocks. The best way to get an account is to post a request to the Horizon IRC and someone with admin privileges will grant you access to post your designs.

Generally, you would want to create a project in Invision and upload images to that project. The next step would be to post a link to that design in the Horizon IRC asking folks to provide reviews. The community has been very good about providing reasonable feedback and it's your choice whether or not to incorporate the recommendations.

User Research & Usability Activities

The community has been actively conducting user research/usability studies. The following are research and results from studies performed to-date:

Patterns & UX Best Practices

Horizon Pattern Document

A pattern library is a collection of design elements that appear multiple times across a site. The intent is to help drive consistency by providing a common set of buttons, tables, workflows for a given interface.

Horizon Pattern Document

Please feel free to edit the document if you would like to add content or make changes!

Horizon Assets Library

The UX Team has created an assets library for Horizon that includes components that would be useful in creating mockups of new designs.

There are current two libraries. The first is a more generic library that includes png images of common components that could be used with virtual any graphics or presentation tool such as Keynote or Ink. The second library was specifically created for Balsamiq (balsamiq.com) and includes groupings as well as components that are native to that specific tool.

Horizon Assets Library

Helpful Links

OpenStack releases

OpenStack UX wiki

OpenStack user research wiki

Etherpad weekly UX priorities

OpenStack UX projects and planning

OpenStack foundation board members

OpenStack technical committee

OpenStack personas

OpenStack UX cores

OpenStack User Committee

UX Achives and Etherpads

UX Archive

Community Sites (old, in transition)

On mobile applications development read more here.
For User centered UX design read more here.

UX Discussions at OpenStack Summit Etherpads