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Tuskar PTL Elections Summer 2013

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This page documents the election process for the first Tuskar Project Technical Lead. The term for the PTL was agreed to begin immediately after the voting closes and to last until the next round of OpenStack PTL elections (around the Icehouse release).

Tuskar is a project for installing and managing OpenStack at scale. It was announced on the openstack-dev mailing list in August 21st, 2013.


  • August 21 - 26: Open candidacy to PTL positions
  • August 28 - August 30: PTL elections

Election official

  • Anita Kuno (anteaya)


  • Tomas Sedovic
  • Martyn Taylor


The list of voters was confirmed by multiple APCs on the #tuskar IRC channel.


To be announced on Friday, 30th August, 2013 after 20:00UTC.