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Describe the purpose of the enhancement


  • What is the driving force behind this change?
  • Does it allow for great flexibility? Stability? Security?



  • Does this impact any configuration files? If so, which ones?


  • Does this impact any existing tables? If so, which ones?
  • Are the changes forward and backward compatible?
  • Be sure to include the expected migration process

Public API

  • Does this change any API that an end-user has access to?
  • Are there any exceptions in terms of consistency with other APIs?

CLI interface

  • How the command will look like?
  • Does it extends the already existed command interfaces ?

ReST Part

  • Which HTTP methods added ?
  • Which routes were added/modified/extended?
  • How does the Request body look like?
  • How does the Response object look like?

Internal API

  • Does this change any internal messages between API and Task Manager or Task Manager to Guest

RPC API description

  • Method name.
  • Method parameters.
  • Message type (cast/call).

Guest Agent

  • Does this change behavior on the Guest Agent? If so, is it backwards compatible with API and Task Manager?