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This article describes the design and process for backup and restore for Couchbase.



Future Follow up Blueprints

  1. Support incremental backup restore for Couchbase


  1. Implement backup and restore strategy for Couchbase


  1. Add support for 'trove root-enable' in Couchbase
  2. Adds backup/restore support for mongodb


  1. Backup strategy
    • Backup directory is /tmp/backups
    • Save bucket metadata config (json file) as part of backup via:
    • Handles root enabled cause by also backing up /tmp/secret_key
    • Use cbbackup to do the backup
    • Backup directory (/tmp/backups) will be zipped up, encrypted, and sent to Swift
    • If no buckets, backup will error out
  1. Restore strategy
Usage: cbrestore [options] backup_dir destination
Restores a single couchbase bucket.
Please first create the destination / bucket before restoring. <pre>