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This blueprint will track adding support for SUSE as a base platform for trove and its related services.


This will allow trove to run on SUSE systems which are already supported by all the other core OpenStack components.



  • Does this impact any configuration files? If so, which ones?

Only the location of the configuration files on the SUSE platform will be changed. No configuration options will be added or modified as part of this blueprint.


No impact to any database schema.

Public API

No public API change.

CLI interface

No CLI change.

ReST Part

No REST API change.

Internal API

No internal API change.

RPC API description

No RPC API change.

Guest Agent

  • Does this change behavior on the Guest Agent? If so, is it backwards compatible with API and Task Manager?

A new PackagerMixin class will be added for SUSE. Some other paths will be changed to match those on the target platform. Backwards compatibility is not a concern as this only affects the SUSE platform which was previously unsupported.


openSUSE has a Jenkins instance which runs the unit tests suite of trove on both SLE-11-SP3 and openSUSE-13.1: https://ci.opensuse.org/view/OpenStack/job/openstack-unittest/ It is currently run only for Icehouse, but it can be enabled for master as well. In addition to this, SUSE's QA team periodically runs tests against trove and we will report any breakage to the trove project.