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Troubleshooting Tips for OpenStack Compute (Nova)

Starting Points

Most of the installation instructions are written for Ubuntu, but there is also information about Centos and Fedora.

You can also check the Ask OpenStack site to find asked and answered questions.

Log Files

Log files are stored in /var/log/nova and there is a log file for each service, for example nova-compute.log. You can format the log strings using flags for the nova.log module. The flags used to set format strings are: logging_context_format_string and logging_default_format_string. If the log level is set to debug, you can also specify logging_debug_format_suffix to append extra formatting. For information about what variables are available for the formatter see: http://docs.python.org/library/logging.html#formatter

You have two options for logging for OpenStack Compute based on configuration settings. In nova.conf, include the --logfile flag to enable logging. Alternatively you can set --use_syslog=1, and then the nova daemon logs to syslog.

Common Errors

The Nova FAQs on Ask OpenStack site offers a place to ask and answer questions to common errors. You'll find there some errors people have posted and common solutions. We are constantly fixing bugs, so online resources are a great way to get the most up-to-date errors and fixes.