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Tuskar is built with Triple-O in mind; as such, it may be useful to familiarize yourself with the Triple-O architecture.


Overcloud Role

One way an Overcloud can be configured is by specifying the scale of the services that will run once it is deployed (e.g., 3 Controller instances and 2 Compute instances). These services are specified by Roles:

  • Controller - provides all services other than compute and storage services
  • Compute - defines and provides compute services
  • Object Storage - defines and provides object storage services
  • Block Storage - defines and provides block storage service

On a functional level, an Overcloud Role points to an image in Glance that will be used by Heat for provisioning.


A Node is a single physical compute unit. It corresponds to a compute Node in Nova Baremetal or Ironic.

In Tuskar, a Node can either be:

  • Deployed' - a Heat Resource is running on the Node
  • Free - available for use