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Expedited Approval Process

When appropriate, a core reviewer may approve a change even if the latest patch set does not have 2 +2’s. Specifically, this should be used under the following circumstances:

  • A change that has had multiple +2’s on past patch sets, indicating an agreement from the other reviewers that the overall design of the change is good.
  • Any further alterations to the change since the patch set(s) with +2’s should be implementation details only - trivial rebases, minor syntax changes, or comment/documentation changes. Any more significant changes invalidate this option.

As always, core reviewers should use their judgment. When in doubt, waiting for 2 +2’s to approve a change is always acceptable, but this new policy is intended to make it socially acceptable to single approve a change under the circumstances described above.

When approving a change in this manner, it is preferable to leave a comment explaining why the change is being approved without 2 +2’s.

For further details on this policy, please see the spec documenting the motivations behind it.