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  1. Upload your GPG key to Launchpad
  2. Become a member of tripleo-release ACL group in Gerrit


Currently, we make releases of the following projects on a regular basis:

Versioning scheme

Generally, we follow the rules of Semantic Versioning, but as long as 1.0.0 version of a project hasn't been released, we use 0.MINOR.PATCH versioning scheme, bumping MINOR only when we do something incompatible with the previous release, and bumping PATCH part otherwise.

Stable Branches

We create stable branches under origin/stable for some projects. When a stable branch is ready to be cut, ask an OpenStack release manager to create the branches. Once the branches are created, a release should be done from the master branch that bumps the MAJOR version (.X) from the previous tag. This allows future releases out of the stable branch to bump the MINOR (.Y) and PATCH (.Z) version continually as needed.

How to make a release

  • Go to the project dir
  • Update your clone. Replace master with the name of a stable branch if you are releasing from a branch.
git remote update
git checkout master && git pull
  • Find the version number of the last release among the other tags
git describe --abbrev=0 
LATEST_TAG=$(git describe --abbrev=0)
  • Find out what has changed since the last release; if there are no changes, there is no reason to bump the version and do a new release
git log -u --no-merges $LATEST_TAG..HEAD
  • Submit a release request for the project using a deliverable file against the openstack/release repository. For example, this is a submission for os-net-config.
  • If needed, prepare an update for openstack/requirements upper-constraints.txt to ensure the new release is tested in the gate. Use a Depends-On tag in the commit message to tie the patch to the original release request so that the requirements and constraints patch will not merge until the release request merges. Leave a comment on the release request linking it to the requirements repository update. For example, this is a submission for os-net-config.
  • Use process_bugs util to close all the bugs which are in 'Fix committed' state. Note that tripleo-heat-templates and tripleo-image-elements do not have separate projects in launchpad and fall under the tripleo project instead. The dib-utils project is tracked under the diskimage-builder launchpad project. The bugs that are Fix Committed in tripleo should probably be manually double checked to make sure there were part of a release.
python process_bugs.py $PROJECT_NAME --fixrelease