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(Work in progress)How to read the source code of Tricircle

Experience the single node Tricircle networking first

Follow the single node installation guide: https://docs.openstack.org/developer/tricircle/installation-guide.html#single-pod-installation-with-devstack

Learn the source code step by step

Step 1 ~ Step 7: no code of Tricircle will be involved

Step 8: Create pod instances

  • The restful API request will be routed to V1Controller from RootController for the version is 'v1.0':
 class RootController(object):
     def _lookup(self, version, *remainder):
         if version == 'v1.0':
             return V1Controller(), remainder
  • In V1Controller, because the request is to create pod, so the request will be forwarded to the post function in PodsController. Post function will create the pod and az mapping record in pod table:
 class PodsController(rest.RestController):
   @expose(generic=True, template='json')
   def post(self, **kw):
       context = t_context.extract_context_from_environ()
       new_pod = core.create_resource(
                   context, models.Pod,
                   {'pod_id': _uuid,
                    'region_name': region_name,
                    'pod_az_name': pod_az_name,
                    'dc_name': dc_name,
                    'az_name': az_name})