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Programma di Supporto Finanziario per Viaggi di OpenStack

L'obiettivo del programma è di facilitare la partecipazione di persone chiave al Design Summit di OpenStack, fornendo supporto finanziario alle spese di viaggio e alloggio. Il Programma di Supporto Finanziario ai Viaggi è basato sulla promessa di Open Design. Le persone chiave sono persone la cui presenza è particolarmente rilevanza per i temi da discutere al particolare Summit. La rilevanza di queste persone pertanto è valutata relativamente al Summit in corso, non in maniera generica. La OpenStack Foundation stabilisce un fondo separato per questo programma. La somma totale disponibile in questo fondo verrà distribuita tra le persone chiave identificate.

Criteri e processo

All contributors to OpenStack (developers, documentation writers, organisers of user groups around the world, Ask moderators, translators, etc) are invited to submit a request. PTLs and code reviewers also are requested to propose candidates.

  • Candidates apply on an online form to be published for "J" Summit in Atlanta, 2014
  • Travel Selection Committee evaluates entries based on criterias stated below
  • Travel Agent coordinates with key contributors.

The OpenStack Foundation will coordinate directly with the key contributors to arrange for their travel, according to the level of funds granted.

Who decides

The travel committee is made of OpenStack Foundation staff, plus the OpenStack PTLs for core, integrated and incubated projects and two volunteers from the OpenStack Board of Directors & User Committee.

How the decision is made

Members of the committee vote for each candidate based on their application with votes ranging -2 to +2. PTLs can use +3 for strong candidates for the Design sessions. Negative votes are to be considered for people known to be disruptive to discussions, non collaborative, time wasters. Not known get 0. People that never participated to OpenStack Summits start with a +1 vote. Votes are aggregated and a ranking is built. The ranking will not be public in order to avoid rancor and resentment. The Travel Committe will write a summary for each approved candidate highlighting the reasons for their approval (this will help future applicants in understanding what is considered valuable).

The Travel Committee submits the list with rankings to the OpenStack Foundation for building the final list. The final list will be assembled based on the individual travel costs, as estimated by the applicants. A negotiation phase may be needed between the Travel Committee and the Foundation staff. The main unknown tend to be flight costs as they're hard to finalize. Hotel costs are easy to estimate and cover by the Foundation.

The coordination of the Travel Committee happens on the mailing list, discussions are not archived and kept private for privacy of applicants.

Travel rewards and deadlines for next Summit


Reports from previous editions